Chicago, IL's headquarters for gas burning fireplaces and more

There's no better way to spend a cold winter evening than relaxing in front of blazing fire with the ones you love. Here at Greenforest Fireplace and Patio, we have the widest selection of free standing, wood, and gas burning fireplaces in all of Chicago, IL.

A great fireplace will not only add economic comfort to your home, but increase your home's value as well! Come and see us in Chicago and we'll be happy to help you find the right type and style of fireplace for your home.

Our offerings

We have a variety of fireplaces, both vented and vent free and gas and wood burning products.

All of our electric and wood and gas burning fireplaces are of the highest standard and are manufactured using the best quality materials.

All of our units carry impressive warranties and are built to last.

Our staff

Our team members are experts in wood and gas burning fireplaces and can help you with all the technical aspects that you may not understand. We are dedicated to providing you with the right information and advice you are looking for. Our team is always friendly and easy to talk to, so if you have a question about a new fireplace for your home, don't hesitate to ask. Our in-house professionals will service and repair all fireplace and gas products!

So if you want to keep warm this winter in style, call Greenforest Fireplace and Patio in Chicago and we can find the right fireplace for you.