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Chicago, IL’s one-stop source for infrared and gas grills

Great selection of gas grills
At Greenforest Fireplace and Patio in Chicago, IL we carry a wide variety of gas grills suited to your tastes. Our gas grills come from Lion, Lynx, Broilmaster, MHP and Solaire, some of the top brand names in the grilling community. We also have the new infrared grills on display – you can come test one out today if you'd like, so bring your steaks!
What we offer
Our experienced technicians will visit your home in the Chicago area and give your grill a cleaning and tune up. We run gas lines for your grill and perform complete installations. We also carry grill parts for all brands at our store in Chicago. If we do not carry the part you are looking for, we may be able to help you locate it or order it for you. Please do not hesitate to ask us!
Types of Grills
Kamado Joe

We get our charcoal grills from a company that has innovated charcoal grills: Kamado Joe. Their grills have many benefits over many other charcoal grills:

* Ceramic construction 
* Heat retention
* Moisture retention
* Temperature control 
* Wide temperature range 
* Safety
* Enhanced flavor 
* Flare-up prevention
* 3-in-1 cooker 
* Quick start-up 
* Minimal charcoal usage 
* Minimal maintenance 

For more details come into our store, give us a call or visit Kamado Joe's website:
Dimplex Electric Grills

Dimplex has a great variety of electric grills for your home. There are several great advantages of using electric grills in the city over gas grills:

• Balcony-Friendly - perfect for apartment and condo balconies
• Hassle Free Grilling - no tanks, no lighting, no fuss!
• Just plug it in - simply plugs into a standard 110/120V outlet

We also offer Dimplex portable electric grills, which allow you to take your grill on any road trip or camping trip! 

To see more you can go to there website at
What is Infrared Grilling?

"Twice the Flavor in Half the Time." Most cooking methods involve either direct contact of food with a heated surface or a combination of radiant heat and warm air. Infrared cooking uses high-efficiency radiant energy. Other grilling methods first heat the air, then heat a radiant which then heats the food. With infrared grilling, the heat goes right to the source of food that is being grilled.

Benefits of Infrared Grilling

• Only takes 3 minutes to preheat and cooks twice as fast
• Gives you the high heat necessary to lock in the juices for more tasty, flavorful food than you can find from a conventional barbecue grill
• Since infrared heats food directly, not the air around it, grilling year-round, even in frigid weather, is no problem
• Since there is no secondary heat element to trap grease, flare-ups are virtually eliminated. Drippings instantly vaporize, adding a great natural flavor to your food
Natural Gas
Stainless Steel
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